Quiapo Church

Would you know the real name of The Majestic Quiapo Church that is part of everyday lives of Manilans (MANILEÑOS)?  I grew up in Manila, and honestly I would not know if someone has to ask me its real name until writing this post.  All I know is Quiapo Church (as it is located in Quiapo, Manila) that’s all. I remember it has its own name that was taught to us in the University, yet I would not remember it and mostly won’t either…hahaha!

Shame on me as a citizen of Manila since birth  but I would like to regain the right of being a citizen of the city, hahaha! 😀 .  The Official Name of the church is Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene.  It is also known as St. John the Baptist’s Parish.  The Black Nazarene was originally painted in cream and when the edifice burnt down it miraculously stay intact only turning its exterior color to black.  From then on, it is known to the people and its devotees as The Black Nazarene which most people believed miraculous.

Quiapo Church

The Feast of Black Nazarene is commemorated January 8 every year.  Millions of devotees are coming together to attend the celebration.  I happen to experienced the feast when I was in high school as a volunteer of Red Cross Philippines, it was absolutely amazing how devotees does not care about the heat of the sun, the crowd, the heavy traffic to get there, all that matters to them is to touch the parading Black Nazarene as they believe it makes their wishes come true.

The basilica is open everyday almost 24/7, unlike European Parishes that operates only at limited hours of the day, Quiapo church welcomes everyone from every walks of life to be one with God anytime, any day.

Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene
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One thought on “The Majestic Quiapo Church

  1. Just a small correction , the Feast of the Church is celebrated every January 9. I’m sure because my birthday falls on the same date. Very informative, this is the only site that told me actually that it’s always open. I was checking the schedule, now I know that it’s open everyday for sure, I’m planning to go there soon. 🙂

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