It has been more than 2 weeks now since I registered to this Filipino forum sites that talks about ‘anything under the sun’.  It was cool joining forums as it is a kind of social networking as well.  Members were giving out links that are exciting just to simply checking it out, like RevTwt (Make Money with Your Tweets Program), Tweepular, and the most link that has won the trophy of challenge and excitement for us?  Twitterholic.

It started just me checking out what’s my ranking on Philippines Twitterholic, and at that time I was on the 8th place.  I was shocked!  I am new at being a professional blogging, this was just a trial that became a hobby and addiction! lol…  Then on, I was receiving messages from John a.k.a. @johnxarce and Richard a.k.a @chardfernandez telling me to keep my position because they are racing upto the top!

I wasn’t into racing or anything competetive online, I’m a newbie.  But these two triggered my competetive ego hiding somewhere, and so I started running too! LOL It is amazingly fun!  From 8th, I dropped down to 11th, up to number 5, and now as Richard welcomed me to the Top 4 and nothing is official.  It’s fun, it’s crazy, it’s sick and addictive yet it’s cool in a way.  Whatever!  Just join us if you want!

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