(Lara Croft meets Maria Clara)

Evolution of Generation: Maria Clara Influenced by Lara Croft’s Independence

Maria Clara is the symbolic Filipina character in the history of the Philippines (became famous by Dr. Jose Rizal’s novel “Noli Metangere”), a prim and proper, pretty, old fashioned woman.  Yes, that is the character our society wants every Filipina be, who stays at home and just follow everything what society and her family wants her to be.  For a long time, Filipino women are struggling to pattern their lifestyle to the iconic character of Maria Clara(which for those who can’t seems like extremely lunatic).  That was 1800’s and I believe until 1990’s the Philippine society was not even close to the word ‘CHANGE’.

When Did the CHANGE Began?

Millennium changed everything, for some reason, everyone started doing their own thing and the society was in chaos trying to understand the people’s need to grow personally(which I think why overseas workers are growing because everyone wants change in whatever aspect of their lives).

Pinay Solo Travellers Rock!

Even though there are still limited number of solo travellers out there specially on the female league(women are conditioned to be obedient and follow rules of men which in most cases our overprotective dad), I am happy to know that there are now young brave souls of Filipinas that are exploring the world of the unknown.  For some reason, if I may add, I noticed that most of the female solo travellers I met doesn’t have their fathers around, it’s either they grew up with their grand parents, with their single mom, parents are separated, they’re living alone, or their father passed away.  Anyway, I’m proud for the Filipina solo travellers out there! Rock on girls and conquer the world!

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