Wipe Out Run
I’m not a fitness buff nor interested with any other ‘fun runs’ out there just because for a Gemini like me, it has to be really fun or adventurous to get me in. Then my husband heard about the Wipe Out Run and immediately find the video really appealing, we were like “Hell Yeah! We’re in!”.  A 5k run with all this obstacles would be really epic, don’t you think? Or maybe not because for sure there’s a lot of whining afterwards, but who cares?! That’s what you do for fun sometimes.

I’m not sure if you all know about the Japanese TV show called ‘Takeshi’s Castle’, but I grew up with that show in the Philippines narrated by a local comedian. I know, you don’t care either but I thought I’d still let you know.  The show was hilarious!

When Wipe Out came out, it is definitely the modern version of Takeshi’s Castle in the western world and I love watching the show too! It wasn’t as hilarious as the Japanese one but it’s as entertaining.  Here’s a peak of Takeshi’s Castle for you…

Wipe Out show is just as amusing and whoever thought of recreating the Japanese game show is brilliant!

I say brilliant because now, they’re making it even more fun opening it to public making a run a little more adventurous. It will surely be a lot of muscle pains and bruises afterwards but the fun will be priceless.  I promise to tell you more about the experience with photos and videos few days later. Can’t wait? I understand, I can’t either!

How can you, by simply watching the clip, it just keeps getting better and better.  Better watch it and join it!


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