Well, who doesn’t want to know about earning money?  By the way, saving money is earning money.  What about when you’re doing it while traveling?! WHOA. I guess, you’re interested about making money while exploring now, yeah? Then, read on.

Meet The Locals: The Best Way to Save Money While Traveling in Asia

One of the most effective way to save money in Asia is to simply live and think like a local. Acting like a local in a new area means that you behave like you would if it was your hometown, but also sneaking in a few of those bigger tourist attractions, taste real authentic menus and enjoy adventure with reasonable price. The real fun is about “going where the locals go, eat what locals eat and do what the locals do.” What it really boils down to is ditching the travel guide, and hitting up all those “hidden gems” within a city. To achieve all these by yourself is possible, but it will be hard. It will be easier if you have the locals as counterparts. But where can you find the locals?

 Great news for the travelers! Recently, I came across a new platform, called This Dutch start-up really seems to understand the local experience and is created based on the idea of connecting locals and tourists worldwide.  The website offers three separate categories – Eat, Tours, and Activities. Locals can show their favourite activities and daily lives, while travelers can experience the real authentic culture of the country.


 There are already many countries in Asia on the platform, but the With local Tours in Malaysia, Home Dinners and Activities seem most interesting to me. For instance, Ruth offers a great cooking class, followed by a home dinner. She would like to share her cooking skills with people who want to discover the real Malaysian cuisine. Also, she is willing to share some stories and tips on Malaysian cooking! If you are more of an outdoorsy type and want to explore the nature, the Activities in Sri Lanka are perfect for this: Gracian can take you on a trek in the Udawattakele forest, teaching you everything about the local flora and fauna.

 In short, this is definitely something I will keep an eye on and possibly try out myself someday! Check out the website if you would like to browse through more activities, tours or home dinners in Southeast Asia.

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