(Ms. Unibarse 2009 Winners: L-R, Ms.??, Ms. Montenegro, Ms. Domenican Republic, Ms. Afghanistan, and Ms. Philippines)

I didn’t know that there is a Barbie version of Ms. Universe until today which is kinda cool, because Barbie is part of every girls childhood and longings (In my case, I didn’t have one for so long because a then friend stole it so I became a fan until now! LOL).

(Ms. Domenican Republic’s Photo Shoot)

Ms. Universe Vs. Ms. Unibarse

Looks like the Ms. Unibarse (Ms. Universe Barbie version) is existing for a few years now.  The winner in 2008 Barbie Pageant was Ms. Domenican Republic, our bet Ms. Philippines came in the Fourth Runner Up which is still an honour!  Still on this year’s Barbie Beauty Pageant Ms. Domenican Republic is still keeping the crown as the Ms. Unibarse 2009.

(Ms. Unibarse 2008 in Evening Gown, Swimsuit, and Casual Outfit)

It’s cool how they have all these amazing Barbie dolls representing different countries from all over the world fashioning their evening gowns, swimsuits, casual outfit, and cool photo shoots.  Runway presentations were included for the winners by the way, just like how they do it in the real Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant.

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One thought on “The Barbie That Won the Pageant!

  1. hi, ms lindsay… its really interesting seeing these dolls like they were real beauty queens. do you know of anyone here in the Phils who has a collection and who joins such contests?

    i am a producer for a media outfit and would like to feature these dolls soon.

    Thanks for any info on this. Hope you can help me…

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