(Khao Ok Thalu peeking)

Patthalung is such a laid back pretty town surrounded by beautiful landscapes and amazing people.  Just in the area where I live, you can see the beautiful Khao Ok Thalu, a legendary mountain that boasts its epic story behind it.  I always gets amused just seeing it everyday, specially in the morning.  I have not fully explored the town, the area, and the city simply because I don’t know how to ride a motorbike at the other side of the road.  Judging from everyday motoride with Chris around the town, there’s much to see around this place.

(Thale Noi’s Waterbird Park)

One weekend came, and wanting to spend more time with Chris, I asked him to drive the motorbike around town.  We started with just few temple watch until we got to a road with signs pointing to the direction of Thale Noi.  Just read about it and thought it would be for next week’s itinerary, when Chris asked if I want to go to Thale Noi, I said “yes!” since we’re already there.  He drove to that direction and saw another sign saying it’s 20km away, we still did it.

(View while riding to Thale Noi)

From the reviews online, it says that there are entrance fee which we did not pay.  I am not sure, but there are no signs saying we need to pay the entrance fee nor the motorbike parking fee which makes the trip to the waterbird park all FREE! Except for the gas we burned driving there and back, but you can tell how cheap the trip was for a 50km overall ride.  Amazing!

(Aside from Khao Ok Thalu shot, this is one spot that we need to stop at the road bridge to take these shots)

So we went in, and the beautiful lake surrounded by pretty waterlilies everywhere isn’t really the highlight.  The highlight really is the view of the country going there and back.  I remember we stopped several times to take photos and if I didn’t refuse Chris’ offer to stop everytime we see something photo worth capturing, we will not get to where we were heading. No joke.

(Still at the waterbird park)

Going back, we checked out the “Botanical Garden” I saw on the way to the waterbird park.  It was just a mangrove area and I could sense the beauty of the place when they were still maintaining it.  Unfortunately, it looks like an abandoned garden now.  The trip was all worth it,  it poured down rain 15 minutes away back to our place but still, it didn’t spoil the beautiful day trip we did!


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6 thoughts on “Thale Noi’s Waterbird Park

    1. Of course, I live here in Patthalung, Thailand and if you read the post I said we drove on a motorbike. I live in Southern Thailand and it wouldn’t just take 20 kms to drive to Laos from Patthalung. Thale Noi is the neighboring town of where I live.

    1. Aww, Thanks for that…I overlooked the category section! I changed most posts about Thailand that are on Laos…Laos is on my default, strangely I couldn’t erase it but I can change. Thanks again Michael! 🙂

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