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For backpackers, the art of traveling on a budget is already in their system wherever their itchy feet takes them.  Local or overseas, they just know what to do but for would-be travelers, you want to learn the tricks and on this post I can give you tips on Thailand travel the cheapest way possible.

In Southeast Asia, it is easy to travel on a budget (well, on most countries in Southeast Asia).  Sometimes, much cheaper than you expected it to be depending on how much are you willing to take to make your trip longer or how cheap do you want to travel around.  I can say, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia are the cheapest places to travel around here but Thailand travels are the all time favorite.  Why?  Because the quality you get with the budget. It may not be the cheapest in Southeast Asia but Thailand travels are the best.

Thailand Travel On A Budget How to’s?

Research Online.  Research before you go to a place, ask a fellow backpacker who recently have been to the place you want to go for recommendations on what to do, where to stay, and where to go?

Have a Flexible Itinerary.  Backpackers know the importance of flexi-itinerary, in fact, most of them doesn’t have one which is why their travels are always cheap.  Having a flexi-itinerary saves you money by just joining in a group of random backpackers you meet going to a place rather than going there on a package tour.

Take advantage of free maps.  Thailand gives out free maps almost everywhere, like subway and BTS maps, even hostels gives out free maps of the area sometimes.  This will make you aware how far you are to where you want to go which can also save you money if you know you can walk to it from where you are than trusting it to a tuk-tuk driver (that might be a scammer or not, better be safe than sorry).  Save yourself from a hassle.

Survey. Thailand has a lot of travel agencies offer bus tickets and all in different prices yet the same trip.  You can just check out other agencies around the area and you find cheaper deals.

Travel like locals.  Travel how locals do, by land on public transport rather than taking a deluxe tours.  Using public transportation can save you money too.

Eat street foods.  Eating street food or even local foods will save you money than trying to get food from a familiar fast-food chain.  Thailand has a great varieties of amazing street Thai food.  Pad Thai, spring rolls, fried rice, fruit shakes, or if you want to get really exotic, bugs!

Off the beaten tracks.  Travel places that are off the beaten tracks rather than the touristy places.  Not only that its cheaper, off the beaten tracks are often pristine and unexploited giving you way better view and scenery to relax.

Work.  English teaching is one of the most popular jobs foreigners can get in Thailand.  The country has high demand for foreign English teachers which makes it a bit easier for travelers to top up their travel pockets when its almost running out.  Call center and marketing companies are hiring foreigners too that could not just help you with money but to get you a work permit for a longer stay(longer stay means  traveling more).

Immerse in the culture.  Learn the language even a little and you’ll win their hearts, this could be used in getting more information from the locals as to what is the local price and their real way of living.  Once you know, then you can probably get yourself an opportunity to enjoy local privileges too.  Befriending locals is one hell  of a helpful resource.

Respecting locals way of living.  Living like locals do can get you as far as you’ll never thought you can go.  People are generally nice even if they can’t express it much in word s,they will try and help you as much as they can.  If you follow your instincts, it will guide you to meet the right people.

Thailand travel is amazing, why not? It’s called the Land of Smiles and its always helpful and better to travel around seeing smiley faces.  Makes your day better.

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One thought on “Thailand Travel On A Budget

  1. One of the main things I learned from travelling in Thailand a lot was to take the government long-distance buses rather than private company ones. They’re about the same price (400-500 baht) but you’re more likely to get sleep because they turn the bloody TV off at night, and if you book earlier in the day you can ask for a seat with more leg room.

    But I still get annoyed when I’m trying to get off the bus and the taxi drivers swarm around me like flies shouting “Farang! Farang!” I never take taxis, always find the songtaew!

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