Thai Visa Update: No More Double Entry!


After a crazy visa run in Penang, Malaysia.  I heard recently that Thai Immigration has ceased the issuance of Double Entry Tourist Visa in all immigration and consulate offices around Thai borders.

It was late last year when I had my first visa run to Laos.  I was then planning to do it in Cambodia since it is  closer to Bangkok.  However, I was advised that Thai Immigration in Cambodia does not issue a double-entry visa anymore and I was advise to cross the Laos border instead for the said visa.  The hearsay was that it is only at the Thai Immigration in Laos that issue the double-entry visa which takes 120 days.  That would allow the visa holder to stay 60 days and would have to leave Thailand by then and re-enter again for another 60 days.

Recently,  I heard people talking about Thai Immigration in Laos stopped issuing the double-entry visa too, which makes every border around Thailand has ceased issuing the said tourist visa.

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