I know I have a lot of things to write about places I have been to, and there’s been a lot that I should be writing before this, yet I couldn’t help to write how amazing Thai people for exerting effort together to raise money to help Japanese victims of the recent tsunami incident.  Not just in Krabi, but fund raising is going on in several parts of Thailand they said which is brilliant!  They said, people all over the world have helped them before when they were in the same situation.  They’re giving back the favor now, they didn’t forget.

(4MP Digicam video, not bad..although audio is broken!)

I was in Bangkok when the tsunami hit Japan, and the day after me and my Filipina travel buddy Leizel (who I just met in Saigon 2 weeks ago and met up here in Bangkok again) went  to Krabi, Railey Beach to be exact where we stayed at.  We were having fun in the island being amazed how people and the place is indescribable for being so good, people around the islands aren’t selfish just chilling out and having fun by themselves. Why?

Locals performed every night to raise money to help the Japanese victims with their great Fire Show Performances.  It is so cool to hang around them and watch, plus the fact that they are all doing it for a cause.  By the way, our local friend Jane performed too and she was amazing! Yeah, we(with Leizel are tempted to come back next year! The itinerary is appealing for next year…very tempting!) The experience in Krabi was the best! Team Canada, James, and our local friends like Jane, Effy, Oanh (I’m not sure if I spelled it right..lol), the sticky rice and chicken vendor, the Filipino singer ‘Kuya’ Mamai whose got a great deal ops for me next year if I come back and everyone who have made our stay unforgettable were truly amazing.  Anyway, stories of the experience and these great people me and Leizel have met in Krabi will follow soon, one post is not enough to tell… the 4-day experience (it didn’t feel 4 days! it flew so fast dango!) was awesome!.

I reckon the photos will tell you a little hint how our stay became the best experience ever.  So enjoy the photos and the little audio-less video clip I took from my shitty 4MP digicam (I wish my brother will send me the DSLR he WILL buy for me soon! ;P Thanks in advance brother! )

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