Thailand is the food paradise of Southeast Asia. Heaven for food lovers and connoisseurs! Wherever you are in Thailand, food is always abundant. Fresh fruits are everywhere, vegetables are in brightest and juicy state. I am stoked with Thailand’s food wealth.

Land of fresh fruits and greens, you surely be satisfied your taste buds wherever you are. Although you will find awesome places to have it in its excellent taste in regular Thai prices. Street foods have not much difference in taste and quality, though prices are quite cheaper, they are clean and good.

You would love their food hygiene anywhere, street food vendors who sells fresh fruit juices are wearing hand gloves for preparing hand gloves! Fried rice and fried noodles (Pad Thai) are the most common and frequently seen on the street “On the Spot Cooking”. Yes, they cook it in front of you. That is how you know that everything is fresh, and you will be stoked as I was too when you put it in your mouth, prove yourself without any problem that they are awesome!

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3 thoughts on “Thai Food Mania! Are you Affected?

  1. hi lyn,
    i totally agree about thailand food.

    Expecially in the north, where everything’s more “simple” in a way that means absolute quality.
    Fresh vegetable with exploding flavour and fresh seafood . Really impressive.
    Other intersting things, are the food markets . You can buy every kind of vegetable you can imagine and cook by yourself in your way!

    an italian food lover .

  2. The problem is not cooking – the problem is to get all these South-Asian ingredients. It’s rather difficult to find true tom yum paste, galangal or lemongrass in local store. I offer to take a look on thai online shops. They send fresh ingredients from Thailand worldwide.

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