(The entrance gate from across the road)


(The altar)

This was actually the last place I saw as it was the last building I passed by on the other side of the area walking back to the hotel.  The exterior did not look anything special but I thought, I should go in since this was the last place to go, it’s free, and it wouldn’t hurt to see.


(At the back of the altar)


(Gold everywhere)

(View at the back of the altar going out from the ‘gold’ room)


(Going out of the temple view)

I crossed the road and saw a simple neatly built temple, with its fine architecture and interior which the Penang Malaysians boast because it is awarded the Merit of UNESCO Asia-Pacific for Culture Heritage Conservation.  Inside, was a very solemn and relaxing ambiance of a temple. Very inviting energy attracts you to see what they have inside, and as you are walking out, the look of the temple going out captures the time back to its building days, unlike the other old historical places this place do not have a creepy feel.  I met 2 Korean guys there too, taking photos from my back as I take mine, it was funny how we did not realize we exist because we were drawn to the simple yet amazing interior and the atmosphere of this temple.  We just laughed after we bumped backs while snapping our cameras.

(I was trying to get a good shot of the exterior, but the 2 Korean culprits)

Even the old guy that was there, I assumed he was the care taker of the temple is such a nice smiley old man, inviting people who were trying to peek at the door to come in and feel free to see what is inside.  I didn’t know I would like this place much, but I surprisingly did.

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10 thoughts on “Teocheow Temple, UNESCO Merit Awardee

  1. no way.. I went in there a couple times! I had no idea it was a heritage site (though I guess most places in central Penang are, eh? hehe)

    1. Yes, but this temple only have the merit award for some reason. Idk why, nothing much for my interest but just a simple relay. It was special mentioned on the Penang map the hotel gave me.

  2. I just passed this one by, I didn’t explore it properly. Based on this photo, I guess I had trouble getting a ‘clean’ shot of the exterior too! I always try to make my photos people-free.

  3. Damn, I used the HTML tag wrong. I meant to say it was an extremely cropped photo of the outside.

  4. You can edit people’ comments? :O

    That’s a godlike level of power, I can only banish them.

  5. Ah! this brings back memories. I was there about 20 years ago. Unforgettable.

  6. To me, chinese architecture is amazing. I love the design and wish I will be there soon.

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