Tenerife Beach

If you ever take a trip to the largest of the Canary Islands, there will be a huge selection of fun-packed adventures to go on. Whether you want an action packed beach with water sports and snorkeling or an all out party at the best bars and clubs, there’s one place you should visit to guarantee a good time. Not just one of the best places in Tenerife, Siam Park has secured its place as one of the ten best water parks in the whole world and for good reason to.

 A water park is a great place for any thrill seeker to get their kicks, but this park in the most heavily populated Spanish island takes its slides and rides to a different level to make them exciting, fun and get your adrenaline pumping. Whether you’re taking on the towering dragon that guards a giant slide-cone in a tiny raft with 3 of your friends or plummeting through the mysterious aquarium from the 28 meter so-very-close-to-vertical drop of the Power Tower, you can tell that these rides are a cut above average. As well as the brilliantly fun ride layouts, their decoration is beautifully crafted. The dragon is fearsome and the aquarium can take your breath away in the flash as you pass through in to the splash landing below.

There are a multitude of attractions just as spectacular as these, as well as the biggest lazy river in the world for when you feel like winding down and taking things easy after your thrill seeking. There’s another worlds-biggest on show with the wave generator, which will whip up 3 meter waves for you to enjoy on an artificial beach of white sands.

 There are a fantastic variety of hotels in Tenerife whether you need value or want luxury, but whatever your budget, length of stay and holiday tastes, the Siam Park is an absolute must-see.

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