(Ms. Boho Chic, Teacher in Fashion)

Being a teacher comes with a lot of restrictions to express yourself, you should act as a model to your students from how you wear your clothes and how to act, which leaves most teachers succumb to a boring outfit.

Here are some of the clothing prohibitions:

  • You can’t wear revealing clothes
  • Can’t wear casual clothes unless there is a school event
  • Can’t wear TOO MANY accessories that will distract students’ attention
  • And a lot more prohibitions about clothing…

But then again, you can still be fashionable, wear the teacher’s dress code without being boring.  Personally, my style is Bohemian Chic turned Hippie when I’m on my backpacking mission.  Dressing up should be fun and not to be avoided wherever you are.  All you need to do is remember the dress code, check your wardrobe (or shop), and wear them to school.

In my opinion, it’s better to look great going to school and standing in front of your students, not only that it gains you confidence, it also make your students interested to pay attention to a pleasant looking teacher in front of them.  I used to love my teachers that has a great fashion sense, I thought they love not just themselves but us, students too because they take time to look good and presentable for to learn.  Now, enjoy the Boho Teacher’s Fashion set above (I didn’t mean to wear hat and sunglasses inside the classroom though), let me know if you like it.

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