I just received a comment from a reader that says a Congressman proposed that texting will be taxed, and that made me like…WT?!!!

Taxed from Texting?

Taxed from Texting

Philippines is considered the Text Capital of the World from more than 5 years now. Simply because it is the cheapest way of communication there next to the Internet with the convenience of a handset. It is handy and you can just send a message anywhere you are to everywhere you want.

So I checked out the whole story behind Taxed from Texting?! Rep. Danilo Suarez of Quezon province, was the person behind this proposal. I went and read about it and it wasn’t for consumers but for telcos (Telecommunications Companies) as according to them, telcos are charging Php 1.00 for a non-promo SMS messages, when the threshold is just Php 0.25 cents. Telcos are earning fat from texters and House Speaker Prospero Nograles is supporting a proposal to impose a Php 0.10 fee on text messaging as long as this will not be passed on to consumers.

Yet, in my opinion, government should really be enforcing that if they want to pass that proposal, otherwise Telcos would just charge it over the consumers and will end up paying Telcos text taxes. It is great intention for Rep. Danilo Suarez of Quezon Province to do that, as he wants the taxes from Telcos Text Tax will go to health care and education programs, and he said, they shouldn’t be charging for SMS as it is an extended service for consumers.

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