It’s more than Turkish Kebabs

I’m just used to Turkish Kebabs, Falafels, Shawarmas, and all those Middle Eastern popular foods around the world.  Little did I know what the real Taste of traditional Turkish cuisine really is. Luckily, we had an awesome tour guide to bring us to one of the very best, Bizim Ev Hanuueli Restaurant & Cafe in Ephesus (Kusadasi), Turkey.

Warm Food & Family

The restaurant has an interesting history. The restaurant’s history is really the story of the owner’s love. Love of family, friends and food and enjoying them together in their beautiful garden yard. It is a taste of real traditional Turkish food and culture.  You can even buy a cookbook called, My Mother’s Kitchen. The owner is Cansu Tucker, a Turkish local, who met an American tourist by capturing his tummy and then his heart. The rest is a really cool history that you can enjoy hearing from her while sampling her wonderful food at their cafe.


What Is Traditional Turkish Cuisine Like?

As soon as we pulled in to the parking lot I was immediately impressed with the beauty of gardens and various seating areas the grounds.  The rustic cowboy style of the restaurant resembles that of a log cabin turned into a dining and stage area.  Yes, I said stage area.  They do have live bands and a dance floor in which a wild time can be had by all at night. The scene reminds me of an old school tavern from a fairytale movie.  Directly across from the stage and dance floor is a huge buffet, it’s like a feast!

I was told they do it everyday, a buffet style restaurant for 28€ is not bad and I tell you honestly that it was the best Turkish food I’ve ever tasted. No joke.  I enjoyed every bite. The selection is simply endless and no matter how small a serving you take, there is no way to work your way through all the options. Nada! Can not! I tried, but my stomach was about to explode.


Palate Magic or Adventure?

It was a total palate adventure and the dishes totally unique. You may try to think of something you’ve tasted, but seriously words could never do justice to the culinary creations. It seems like they have used spices like no other and make some whimsical magic in your mouth. It truly is an explosion of flavors.

Simply put the stews are all different. The grilled ones taste totally unique and each one is slightly more so than the next one. The stuffed peppers are wonderful and even the grape leaves dishes are mind blowing.  You might think you know what their salsa taste like?  Then I should say, think again.  It’s all a big surprise!

Yet, my favorite dishes were the grilled vegetables, stuffed peppers and I loved the taters! (however, I always love them). The dark colored stew and sautéed meats, Turkish salsa (this taste really fresh and minty, I love it), yoghurt, and salads were all fantastic.  It’s like a hit and miss game because they all looked great. It’s a matter of preference, mine may not be yours, so just enjoy the ride.  It’s worth it.


Their complimentary dessert is a local Tiramisu, with rough but soft cassava texture topped with a dash of cocoa powder.


Coffee or Tea?

Turkish coffee it is just like the Greek coffee served in an espresso cup. It is really strong and the thick goo that settles at the bottom has a real bitter muddy taste which I didn’t like. Coming from a coffee lover, this coffee is not for me.  Yet, their Apple Tea is awesome.  I love how fresh the tea tastes like a fresh apple that was magically turned into a glass of tea. With its natural sweet apple taste it is just perfect for anytime of the day and could probably be served cold as well.


Did I enjoy the Taste of Traditional Turkish Cuisine? Oh my god, I couldn’t believe it. How did I turn into such a foodie on this blog?  Did I answer your question?  If you want it loud and clear then, HELL YEAH!

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