Yes, talking about 90’s fashion was a blast experience!  Why?  I was asked to give a talk about 90’s fashion for a local TV show on GMA7-QTV11’s ‘Full Time Moms’.  Here’s how it all happened…

(At the set of ‘Full Time Moms’)

Monday evening when I was asked through Facebook by the show’s staff, Joan.  She sent me 90’s Fashion questions and I thought she was just one of my frequent reader that was consulting me on what to wear on special occasions.  When I read it again, I noticed the GMA7-QTV11 TV guesting and was surprised.  I’m only half believing it though because she contacted me through Facebook, she left me a mobile number, texted her and she replied.  To cut the story short, it is for real!

UPDATE!!! Watch it air on QTV11, November 2, 2010, Tuesday at 10am only on “Full Time Moms”!!!

(L-R: Christine Jacobs, Me, Geneva Cruz, Suzie Entrata, Jessa Zaragosa, and Andrew E.)

The Blasting Fun Experience

At the set, while off-air while having ‘merienda’ Ms. Christine Jacobs was asking me questions about 90’s Fashion already and I am surprised that she said, she never owned a pair of jeans!  I thought everyone wears one, but she proved me that there is always an exception to the rule.

Aside from very friendly GMA7-QTV11’s staff and crew, celebrities like Suzie Entrata, Christine Jacobs, Geneva Cruz, Jessa Zaragosa, and Andrew E.  The first two are the hosts of the show while the latter three are the Filipino Music Chart Toppers of the 90’s.  The episode were all reminiscing back to the 90’s from music to fashion, and that’s where I was called for.  I was actually star-strucked!  I don’t know when is the airing yet, but I’ll keep you posted.

So What’s Really The Fashion of the 90’s?

Actually as I have said on TV, most of the 90’s fashion were extension of the 80’s.  Like the popular leggings, crop top (midriff), stonewashed jeans, trainer shoes, scrunchies, plaids, etc.  Those are the fashion that went from late 80’s to late 90’s.  What actually stood out was the high waist stonewashed jeans, wore with big T-shirts tucked in to their jeans.

What is left in the 90’s were the grunge fashion which are black shirts, bell bottoms, ripped jeans, and the high waist fashion but only jeans in the 90’s.  The stonewashed jean skirts were also worn with colorful leggings and slouch socks, plus the side ponytail of scrunchies.

Up to now, fashion on all eras were revived into something contemporary but they all repeat itself just like history.  Like leggings to liquid leggings or leather leggings, they have innovated into more interesting look and different fabric.  That is all for now and Thanks again for Joan for an incredible experience!

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