A month ago when I got my Google paycheck of $100,  I am so excited to spend it on an air ticket.  Local airline company advertised  a Php 488 to Kota Kinabalu, so excited I tried to book it using mom’s credit card (as I am the sub-holder) but unfortunately, it was declined.  I asked Leizel a favor, but it didn’t work because she have a new card that was not yet activated.  I wanted to go there or at least if I can’t join Leizel will be there  for the sake of seeing places.

So I spent the money buying other things like my new pair of Ipanema sandals.  Last week, I woke up at  2am 21st of August and read about an Php 8 local airfare and Php 82.72 International flight fares!  I went crazy and started trying different cards I have to book  the  tickets to Kota Kinabalu, I went to use the ATM method of payment instead.  Most dates are sold out, but luckily I found one that fits my one week leave.

I ended up booking one round trip ticket to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and a one way ticket to Davao, Philippines. The Kota Kinabalu sums up to Php 1,533.07 (36 USD)round trip with fuel charges and tax (except travel tax that should be paid at the airport + terminal fee); And one way ticket to Davao for Php 490.80 (11.66 USD).  Both ticket travel periods are for early next year and its all good for me due to my work commitments at the moment.

I only take advantage of promo fares when I’m traveling around and you too can do it. Just keep your eyes alert for the cheap deals, you’ll never know where that can lead you!


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