Contact Lenses are such a brilliant invention making ones who use eye glasses, specially the thick ones see better without sacrificing looks.  What looks? Those big glasses covers up much space on one’s face, so wearing contact lenses will help to show your face to people.  It makes a big difference, believe me.

Although at the present time, contact lenses are used in different purposes

like as props in a movie or for looking good.  These can be bought in different colors for whatever purpose you want to use it, so people who wants to try how they will look like if they do have a different eye color could seek the help of contact lenses.  However, there are precautions in using them people that uses them should carefully follow for the benefit of their vision.

Buy Them from the Trusted Shops/ Clinic. There are a lot of fake shops selling fake contact lenses that we do not know where their supplies are from and how safe it is.  Optical clinics are employed with well trained staff and professionals that can explain you the proper ways to wear contact lenses, clean, and store them.  Also,  they will not dispose you a pair without proper prescriptions.

Hygiene/Sanitation. Always make sure to put or remove your contact lenses at a very clean area.  Keep your hands clean when touching the lenses and the storage containers.  Clean the contact lenses by gently rubbing it with your thumb and finger tips to remove the tiny particles that might be on the lenses before storing it to the container with new solution liquid.

TIP: Hygiene is important, our eyes are too sensitive that you do not want a simple bacteria get in to your eyes that can possibly impair your vision.

Do Not Rub Your Eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes, the lenses are so thin and delicate that could change its figure in the slightest touch or slide to the corners of your cornea without noticing it (this is really dangerous).

Make Sure to Remove it Before Bed. Do not forget to remove your contact lenses before going to sleep on whatever time of the day, just like the above precaution to avoid impairing your vision.

These are all the most common precautions to remember when using these lenses.  May you be at the purpose of looking good or the real purpose of seeing well without the glasses, it’s always best to take care of the most important sense we have.

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  1. Contact lenses that are made by Bausch and Lomb are the best because they are hypoallergenic.

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