Taking Advantage of Fashion Sale is Investing!

We seldom understand the importance of sale in the malls, your favorite stores, or shoe shop.  Going on sale means investing on your clothes too.  There are a lot of people I have met ignoring the sale season just because they thought it is the damaged goods.  Well, in some cases it might be true, but most of the time 97% of the items on sale are just there because they will launch another batch of stocks, new trend, or new style of the season.  Let me tell how you do smart shopping

Skeptic or Open-Minded Shopper?

It is alright to have in mind “Better be safe than sorry!”, but be open minded anough that you won’t miss out with what the world has to offer.  For example,  during Summer sale there are tons of good swimwear and summer attires on sale because they will launch the new trend for winter season.  Stocking the old season’s in their own company stock room will just mean poor storage that is why they are throwing out a sale!  I am always waiting for it, specially the first few days of sale season of my favorite store to have the first person to choose on their mountain of varieties!

Yes, there are damaged goods there because they are hoping someone would take it now that it is on low price than usual.  Yet, there are more brand new items worth like you’ve won a jackpot if you are patient enough to scour the sale spot.  Sometimes, you get so lucky that what most people don’t like is your treasure, which in my case, always an advantage.

Why Wait for The Sale Season?

Another example is the February sale.  February sale is the time more people are waiting.  Coats and jackets are on sale, and because coats and jackets, even warmers are much more expensive than summer (simply because more cold months than hot summer months is there for western countries) items, they put more value in it than items sold in summer!  However,  they still cut it off upto 70% if not 100% (because of the demand), it is worth looking for one nice warmer every sale due to its basic use in winter.  Yeah, another thing is that we always wear outer coats more on winter than any other inner clothing so invest into a one nice outer coat or jacket every sale season.

You might be thinking, there will be new trend the next winter so you’d rather not buy it now.  As soon as the winter kicks in, the new trendy coat kicks your butt for a real high price that you wish you should have bought one nice warmer last season sale.  One nice coat from a one season later trend is better than overly expensive on the trend coat or worn out years of washing your old coat!  It is truly an investment, so think again when the season sale comes up!

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