(Backpackers setting up a tent to cover them up from the heat)

How is it like swimming in Mt. Pinatubo‘s crater lake? It’s freakin’ awesome!!! I’m not kidding you people.  As soon as I reached the peak of the trek where I could finally see the majestic view of Aquamarine colored lake and the formation of the volcano’s mouth around it, that looks like mountains from a fantasy movie, it took my breath away. All the hard work and shaky legs from the pain and hunger trekking the rocky path and river crossing stunts, it was all worth it and this marks my solo Pinas trip is totally on.

(The mermaids of Pinatubo crater lake)

(I wonder why it shows green water on photos..hmmm…magic!)

(New friends from the volcano; Carmela, Ali, Me, Bea, and Haru)

When we got there, I just ate my burger, took few photos before I jumped in to the beautiful sulfuric water.  Yes, it is high in sulfur so we are advised not to stay too long.  Sulfur can’t scare a mermaid from her water, I was one of the earliest person to dive in and was the last to get out too.  The lake, unlike other body of water we used to swam in doesn’t have a good shore where it gradually goes deeper and deeper.  Pinatubo crater lake’s different, give it like 6ft away from the stable ground and its 700+m drop deep!  Yes, it is a quick drop so you have to be careful and get your swimming skills in use once you dip, you should dive I should say.


(I’m in the middle of a wonderful place)

(Rock on!)

The view seems like the scene we only get to see on the  computer wallpapers or in some fantasy movies, photoshopped billboards, and postcards… I thought, now I’m in it!  I admit, my imagination went rushing in as I imagined I’m one of the mermaids living there, remembering a scene from a mermaid series H2O, where 3 girls became mermaids when they swam in a beautiful crater lake one full moon night.  The girls I met there were laughing when I was telling them how I’m imagining us at that moment, but they started imagining after that too!  (I’m contagious, beware!)It was hell of a fun times!  I was swimming ’til the end with Jopay, and the UPLB (UP-Los Banos) girls were with me imagining the crystallized Pinatubo stones we have will make us rich one day(but I didn’t bring any)!  Who says travelling solo wasn’t fun? You bet I always have a blast on every trip, guess what? You’re right.


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