Susan Boyle's Anxiety Attack from Popularity Pressure

The Anxiety Attack

Britain’s Got Talent Popularity Pressure causes Susan Boyle’s Anxiety Attack.  Geez, imagine how her world changed from being a simple single lady living in a simple village suddenly became a celebrity!  All eyes are on her, all actions are monitored, from head to toe, people and media are looking for something to criticize and she tried her best, still trying to cope up to the demand of the business.

Susan Boyle’s Dream Led Her to Anxiety Attack

After all, it is her dream.  Yet, that doesn’t mean she’s not exempted to feel pressured, tired, wear out, from the very hectic schedule of show business.  Considering her age, Susan Boyle’s anxiety attack is considerable.  Still, she is strong that she keeps fighting whatever the consequences.  From the finale whom she got 2nd place next to the dance group, she is amazing and it’s not the end of the limelight for her yet.  It was confirmed by Simon Cowell before, even I had goosebumps watching Susan Boyle’s first performance.  Isn’t she amazing?

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3 thoughts on “Susan Boyle’s Anxiety Attack from Popularity Pressure

  1. Like each and every heroine on a fairytale, Susan is yet to reveal her secret magic weapon, the only weapon she can rely on, her magical golden voice. The heroine opens her mouth and came out a magical voice so true that bring those scornful eyes into tears and humbled all the cynical who heard. It was clearly a triumph for an underdog who makes it against all odds. In her triumphs many individual dreams are getting realized and several will likely be much more willing to follow her lead..

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