Haven’t you watch someone and judge her how she looks, and then end up standing up teary eyed with goosebumps clapping your hands from being so wrong by your judgment?  Watch this…

Yes, I too watching Susan Boyle Gave Me Goosebumps and Tears being so cynical and judgmental, her voice hits everyone’s heart with her notes and turned the world upside down!!! Amazing but it is!  I can’t believe it myself I have to watch it over and over again!

Just like what the judges said, it is an eye opener to us…and she is the biggest surprise in a long time since we had the reality TV Shows and Contests.  She is just a simple woman, never been married, never been kissed, who dreamed that one day she’ll sing to the world.  She proved everyone that reaching dreams has never been too late!  Bravissima Susan!

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