(I’m so in love with this sport…)

You read it right, I’m not surfing USA yet but Southeast Asia!  I learned surfing here in the Philippines.  It was in Baler, Aurora at Quezon Province where I first met this sport, one of the most popular surfing spot near Manila.  I’ll say near but it took us 6 hour bus ride to get there! Full on!

(Here I was, while the ‘Shit Head’ Gang was out in Tanalot)

Oh well, I love water and when I tried surfing, my fear of uncontrolled body of water were slowly washed out by the waves.  It was from my surf instructors that I learned about Bali, that it is the Surf Capital of Southeast Asia and since  I always want to go to Bali to see Indonesia, hearing about surfing in Bali made me more eager to go there.

(Getting ready to surf on my last day in Bali)

For all my readers who are waiting for what I did in Bali.  I apologize to disappoint you guys that all I did was surf the whole week! Which means no temple posts or black magick stories, they are yet to be done in the future.

Average prices of Surf stuff:

Board Rental for whole day  =  35,000 – 50,000 Rupiahs (3-6 USD)

Instructor’s Fee for an hour = 50,000 (5-6 USD)

(I can do it on my own! Wohoooooooo!)

You can negotiate the prices if you are strong enough to handle their bartering skills.  They’re quite stubborn though,  but lucky me I met angels everywhere.  For my full 4-day stay in Bali, all I did was to surf, eat,  and play card games in the hostel.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a fun week that I finally get on the surf board alone. Wohooooooooo! I was so ecstatic that I am now able to ride the waves on my own, and guess what?!  It is so cool that I have done it at the Surf Capital of Southeast Asia, BALI!!! I think Team Jamie‘s reunion is such a luck, I’m starting to believe what Jamie said about lucky charms (what do you think Jamie?)

(And there’s Jamie… Team Jamie reunited!)

Yes, I am now confident enough to do it on my own.  After almost drowning twice, I know my will to live gone stronger and the good came out of that? Judge it from the photos.

I’ll be back in Bali, that’s for sure. Bound to see more of the interesting part other than surfing.


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