Climate Change

(Aside from one of my favorite Supermodel Giselle Bundchen, other supermodels have joined the forces in the campaign to help stop global warming!  All life are in danger when worst of the worse have become unstoppable, we need to care, we need to act now however we can do to help and save our home planet Earth.

Climate Change is one major indicator that the Earth needs immediate attention.  Don’t you ever noticed that almost everyone are advertising or publishing we need to act now?  It is because we really have to, and we need to do it double time before it is too late.  Even the money of the richest man on earth will not save us if we don’t do anything to help.

That is why I salute our supermodels that is now participating to call out to the people, reaching out to public to be aware of what is happening to us.  The supermodels are proving they are not just a fashion icon that does not care but their appearances and figures, but they are now reaching out to spread the word and truly caring for what is necessary to be given attention to.  Hurray to all ye supermodels! Hurray for using your influence the right way!

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