Surely here in the Philippines, Summer is almost over but in the western world its just the beginning!  Yes, July is he western world’s summer month upto September so the swimwear are still getting hotter and hotter no matter what.

What about the swimwear fashion trend?  Well, monokini speaks the truth of who reigns the summer swimwear throne this year hey… Yeah, yeah, bikinis are still hot, but the monokini trend is getting hotter.  Find your best monokini to wear this summer to look great at the beach and pool parties!

Angelinque from will have some awesome reports about monokinis, let’s read more about it…

“The summer heat is definitely on the horizon so it’s time for that dreaded chore of swimsuit shopping. I have friends from size 2 to 18 who never look forward to it. But with all the options out there from bandeau tops to string bikinis, there has to be something for everyone.” Read More…

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2 thoughts on “Summer Isn’t Over, Monokini Talks

  1. Thank you Lyndsay for this review. I agree with you that monokini swimwear this season counts hotter and sexier.

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