Pagsanjan Falls

(Pagsanjan Falls)

Every summer, most of us tend to want to have a perfect get away whether it would be on a tropical island, a cruise, or if in a budget then just on a beach nearest to us.  Here in the Philippines, our weather condition varies only in two seasons: Dry and Wet Season.  So almost the whole year is best for going away for a splash (except for June-August which is the wet season).


(Rafting to the Cave)


Anyway, enough for that…  Let’s talk about Pagsanjan Falls! Pagsanjan is easy to go to.  A four-hour drive going South  from Manila.  All you have to do is head to Buendia where public bus stations are located.  Take the bus going to Lucena and tell the ticket guy you want to go to Pagsanjan or take the alternative route. The fare will cost at around 140-200 pesos depending on the bus company.


It’s all worth it when you get there, the boat ride service will cost you 1,000 pesos each, make sure to bring sunscreen 😉 .  Boat men are expecting tips but it is illegal when they bother you for it, tips are worth for their hard work (you’ll know what I mean when you get there).  There are also vendors on the boat trying to sell cold drinks, and you will stop on a nipa hut and will tell you its a long way to the falls so grab yourself some food (don’t fall for it!).


(Swimming in the Cave)


There are few small waterfalls along the way you can see, but when you get there the view is amazing! breath taking scenery!  What’s cool about it, is you can ride that bamboo raft and sail to the falls and go in to the cave.  The waterfalls falling on your back is so relaxing, seems like a massage.  Although be careful if your heart is not as strong not to position yourself at the high pressured location which is, if the raft is going to the cave, do not be at the left side of the raft.  If you think you can handle it, then it’s great!

You can stay there as long as you want, but be considerate to your boat men and to other tourists when it gets jam packed.  I advised you to be there early so it will not be too many people and enjoy the scene and swimming for a while.  Life vest is a safety thing, some would tell you its not necessary but make sure they give you one.  So, enjoy the beauty of the scenic Pagsanjan Falls!

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