(Buddha at the entrance)

Next stop after the Waterbird Park was Sumano Cave Temple, seeing the entrance with a cool golden buddha reminds me of Batu Caves, I have never been to Batu Caves (which is why I want to go to Kuala Lumpur to see it) but I will definitely see it one of these days.  Anyway, so I thought it was just it but then few minutes later they asked everyone to go at the back of this temple where the cave was.

(At the first part of the cave temple)

(First altar)

(Another altar)

(Narrow passage to the next altar in the cave)

There were kids hanging out with a monk at the entrance, Pi Noi (our guide) asked the monk something that none of us has any clue but we went through the cave.  The cave is huge and at every corner or huge space in that cave were different buddha to pray for.  It amazes me how beautiful this cave was, it wasn’t just few altars here and there.

(Suspension bridge to the next cave temple)

(Entrance to another cave that reminds me of Sagada)

(Altars here and there)

(The rainforest exit to another altar outside the cave)

(The reclining buddha view from the photo above)

After 3-4 buddhist altars I thought that was it, but it gets more interesting to see get out of the first cave go through a suspension bridge and go through a more interesting cave temple.  The second one reminded me of Sagada’s Sumaguing Cave (less the altars), but of course, it may not be as stunning as the latter because it is a temple.  The huge reclining buddha at the end was amazing.  Then we went out of the cave at the middle of a beautiful rainforest.

It didn’t stop there, we trek the rainforest and came out to another altar at the side of the cave which was very serene and relaxing place to hang out, the boy that guided us through it said we will have to go back the same route going out.  There were couple of elder fellas that doesn’t want to go back to where we went and asked the boy if there was a short cut going out instead of going back the same way.

(Altar out of the cave)

(River crossing mission)

We followed the boy to the shorter way, but it’s more challenging way because of the weeds and we have to cross a river.  That was quite interesting to me but then we can’t just think about ourselves and be selfish.

Soon after the rough trek for a shorter way out, we came out at the side of another huge temple that is still under construction but its really grand!  That was where the temple cave trip ended as we were headed to Praiwan Waterfall.


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  1. awesome photos and post. I visited Thailand once years ago and would love to go back

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