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Photos from different places all over the world looks awesome, entices your imagination that the person in the photo traveling around is living an amazing perfect life.  I tell you what, it is not as perfect as the photo can deliver.  There are a lot of hassles that a backpacker goes through just to live its dream.  Just like anybody’s dream, it all involves courage, passion, and hard work.  The only thing difference is that traveling is such a good marketing topic that interests most people due to its complicated but interesting details.

Travel Sugarcoats

Amazing Photos.  Beautiful photos are always a good tool to distract a viewer on the details  of traveling, all people would rather want to see the photos of the places, yet photos could not tell you the whole story of how they get there and the hard work to make it possible.

Forgotten Information. It’s more fun to tell the exciting stories that happened rather than the hassles the traveler has been through going in and out of that place. The visa run hassles, the job hunting for survival and extending trips, the b*tching colleagues, cultural adjustments, language barriers, currency conversions, international bank accounts, etc..  Most of the time, these are overlooked, ignored, and forgotten.

Wrong Perception.  I don’t think there really is a wrong perception, whatever one perceives become its reality.  I have observed how people concluded things through their narrow minded perception other than open minded acceptance of anything is possible.  Good seems bad and bad seems good judging from its presentation, most of the time, no one bothers to give benefit of the doubt if what they are seeing is real or not.  I think the philosophy, “Believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see… – Unknown” is a good one.

Backpacking isn’t just living a fairytale dream, you need passion and courage to endure just any obstacles you’ll go through.  I love traveling, so I don’t mind all the hassles but I kid you not, my photos may look sugarcoated because it looks good but there are lots of behind the scenes stories you may or may not want to believe but true.  Yet, I’m encouraging more people to explore and find out themselves what are the things I’m talking about.  If you love what you’re doing, mai pen rai (means “it doesn’t matter” in Thai), it shouldn’t bother you.  Live life at present and you’ll see how happy you’ll be.

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2 thoughts on “Sugarcoating The Hassles of Backpacking

  1. I always use mai pen rai these days 🙂 There are many bits and pieces of foreign languages that have replaced English in my lexicon, especially from Korean.

    I try to give a balanced account when I write about places, even though it’s easy to just post nice photos. When I do talk about the hassle I get from taxi drivers and scamming travel agents, some people criticise me for being cynical and not ‘appreciating’ countries, but I’m just trying to give a peek behind the Photoshopped brochure images.

    If you’re prepared to be cheated and lied to, the satisfaction lies in minimising the financial damage as much as possible, and coming out with a price you’re happy to pay. This has especially been my attitude when booking trips in Vietnam – if you expect everything to run smoothly, you’ll probably be more annoyed than if you just accept it.

    1. Truth isn’t that interesting to read, what about fantasies? I don’t write much negative things on my blogs just because I don’t want to dwell much on them, waste of time if you ask me. Even though its always a part of anything (I’m referring to ‘negative’ things) it’s not good to talk about it, simply because its like magnifying something or making a big deal out of something. Media is overrated, and I think it will always be.

      Let’s just do our thing and let them do theirs, we’ve done our best to tell them the truth blogging about it. 🙂

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