(View from the Shuttle Train to Sentosa)

More than a month ago, I went to Singapore with my family.  It was just for a short vacation as four days (yeah, I know really short hey!), but we made the best out of the time we have, trying to squeeze everything in even though we were not successful to go to the places we intend to go to due to several reasons.

One, we didn’t know it was holiday in Singapore so we didn’t book a Universal Studios tickets and we ended up just strolling around Sentosa Park.  Two, I didn’t know there were so much to do and see just in the city!!!  Well, it’s not bad though I didn’t even manage to meet my friends in Singapore just because of too little time, too much to do.  Plus! take note of this, plus I didn’t prepare much budget for it! hehehe…

(Marina Bay Sands at Night)

Anyway, I wouldn’t call myself a discount travel blogger for no reason at all, yeah? 😀  Even without much moolah in my pocket, I wouldn’t end up sulking in my room.  There are a lot of places to see around the metro, just in the metro alone your week will not be enough!

I went to see the famous Merlion Park, which is the Ultimate mark of Singapore.  Went there at night time when everything looks truly amazing glowing in the dark.  It was also the Youth Olympics 2010 when we were there, that is why we were fortunate enough to witness their amazing fireworks around the river and the light effects.  Floating restaurants are common as well, along the river is awesome.

(Luge Lifts at Sentosa)

Along the river is a never ending place and things to see.  Different styles and gimmicks of the bars and restaurants, the G-MAX bungee swings, the man made river, shops and stalls.  It is cool to see that Singapore does not seem to be Asia, oh I just mean that from seeing some South East Asian (SEA) countries, none is like Singapore!  Yeah, maybe one part is of SEA country, but Singapore? Man, you seem to be walking in a commonwealth country city.  Organized, systemized, no pollution, no strange roads, clean, and safe (take note: hostel rooms are left unlocked).

At Sentosa Park, you can even get individual tickets instead of the packaged ones in case that you might not like some of its features.  If that’s the case, just buy tickets of the rides you want to try.  There are several sub-parks in Sentosa as well…  There’s also a beach in there, so bring your swimwear if you don’t want to miss that out!  Swings, Luge, Ocean Park which has aquatic creatures on display in gigantic aquariums and Dolphin, Seal Live Show.  I just didn’t enjoy much of the show because it is animal abuse seems like to me.  I love sea creatures though, but I’d rather go whale watching or dolphin watching out in the sea than in the park. I’ve done watching dolphins before when I was working on the ship, and they’re happy, fun to watch than watching them in a park 🙁 .

(The Merlion replica in Sentosa)

There are a lot to see in Sentosa, except we didn’t get in to Universal Studios (I’ll come back to see it soon! lol).  For all the shopaholics, Bugis is the place to go.  From the cheapest bargains to the designer boutiques, there they have it!  By the way, trains are interconnected, comes and goes every few minutes so very convenient to the public. Taxis are always available, even luxury taxis.  Buses are everywhere, so no problem if you don’t own a car or does not know how to drive, you can always get by!

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