Statue of Liberty Garment, Fashion Critical! No, It's Safe!

Yep, Statue of Liberty (SOL) Garment is one of the top searches on google today!  I wonder why?  Well, since that is the case, and garments are related to fashion, why not write about it?

Statue of Liberty Garment, Fashion Critical! No, It’s Safe!

Well, I thought hers is Fashion Critical.  Simply because it symbolizes the Fashion Capital of US which is New York, and she’s still wearing an old-school curtain like garment in the middle of New York City.  Uhmm, in a way she’s safe, others might say… Why? She looks like she’s wearing Greek clothing, which is now the trend this year, drapes and empire cuts.  With the headpiece she have, she’s ready for the runway.  Change the book with Acer Notebook, there you have it ready for modern fashion! lol

Statue of Liberty Garment Passed Fashion Critiques’ Taste

I think SOT is Fashion Critical? No more, It’s Safe now!  What about the thongs? Well, it’s Summer Time so she’s fine or at winter time, maybe she just want to avoid smelly feet!  Statue of Liberty Garment is clear now from other fashion critique, truly it is still wearing the Latest Fashion Trends! Peace!

(*This is just posted for fun!) 😀

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