Starting to Use Affiliate Program: Agoda on My List!!!

I am starting to use some Affiliate Programs to make few bucks on my blog, but I wanted it to be related with my blog as well. I came across the affiliate program of which is a hotels affiliate program. I thought, ” Hmm…Why not? I’m want to try it.” So, I signed up to their program just few minutes ago. My blog is about traveling, food& drinks, fashion, music, and gadgets. Using hotels affiliate program is related so I will give it a go! What they have to offer is really good discounts on travel and hotels around the world especially asia.

Starting to Use Affiliate Program: on my list

For more information, please click here. This is getting more interesting than I thought! Looking forward to do more. 🙂

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Lyndsay is the mind behind this fashion blog, she also blogs about her travels on Discount Travel Blogger giving tips on how to explore the world as cheap as possible. She has earned units in Masters in Psychology, designs websites and graphics, online marketer, YouTuberand a singer by heart.

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  1. Hi, nice post. As Affiliate program blogger myself, there are many different methods for it.

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