(Collage from my 2011 travels, see more from Discount Travel Blogger)

You’re probably wondering why the hell this blog has not been updated for sometime?  Was it abandoned? Where’s Lyndsay gone?  Is she still alive?  All these are probably going in your mind (or maybe not), but I am very much alive!  Where I have been?  I have been everywhere, here and there trying my best to set myself up to start a huge deal of traveling.

I know you missed my updates on beauty and fashion tips, but my apologies that I haven’t been giving you that service.  Instead, I have been updating my travel blog I called, Discount Travel Blogger.  Coming from the name itself, I’m always on a budget, destroying the stereotype of ‘Traveling needs a lot of money’ and I tell you now, YOU DON’T!  I have proven many times and not just me but also other backpackers globetrotting too, and I kid you not, they would testify to what I just said.

Still not convinced?  Better yet, check out my travel blog and I write breakdown of my expenses when I’m traveling.  Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter and like the Travel Blog’s Facebook Page to make our connection more interesting.  I am open to opinions and suggestions, feel free to have your say!

From my travel blog, you get to see where I go (gone, and will be going…), people I travel with, new friends I met, and things we do.  It’s been fun globetrotting solo because I get to meet more people and easier to move from place to place, you are free to join me on my travels by checking out the pages of my travel blog and social networking pages, you’ll be updated there and would not wonder where the hell is Lyndsay gone? So, there check it out and let’s start exploring the world together!


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