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Starting up a business is no joke at all,  for all who knows how real business runs, they know that all business comes from a careful planning from a scratch.  I mean, from a single thought while just sitting in a mall stool, for example, the idea struck you and then, BAM!  Business is born, whatever kind of business you think of, it always apply.  Here are the tips to start your online fashion shop…

  • PLAN. A plan is the blue print of a business.  A guide where the business is going and how it will be.  The end results start with planning, no matter how much changes will take place along the way.  Plan what type of business you want and what niche you should focus on.  Niche is important, it is where you can concentrate all your energies and become an expert to a specific product or service.  Let’s say, focus on plus size shoes, or a special made accessory, etc.
  • PREPARE. Preparation for an online fashion shop isn’t that hard nor easy, but writing down all the ideas and narrowing it to the best idea will help you a lot.  Take note of the aspects to be considered specially online.  Learn the basic online legalities, limitations, and advantages.  Also, the website building stuff like web hosting, applications, program, designer/programmer, and all that stuff… All these are very important in putting up your online shop.
  • STUDY. Learn all the necessaries, do not depend on someone to run everything for you.  You have to know all aspects of your business so you will not get lost in the end.  Trending style of your fashion line and online trending applications to make your business better.
  • INVESTIGATE. Fashion Suppliers are plenty out there, but you have to investigate their policies, support, license, etc…  All the necessary things you have to know for  safe transactions, not just for you but for your customers.  Remember that you are putting up a business which involves money, therefore, be very critical and smart choosing your fashion suppliers.  You don’t want to mess up your dream business anyway! 🙂  I suggest you try ordering some items from them and see how long their shipping will take, and you’ll get to see the quality of their items as well.
  • EXECUTE. Execution of plans is always the toughest part.  No dreams became a reality without execution.  It is when the judgment of  “make or break” begins.  After executions comes the real challenges of whether your fashion online shop will be appear great.  There are also factors to be considered when you launched it, such as;

*  Website Appeal

* Accessibility

* Loading Time

* User Friendly Application and Procedures

* Prices

* Product Details

* Quality

* Shipping Details

* Payment Methods and so on…

Yes, there’s a lot more than just an online shop! One more thing is that, you have to be patient because it would take much of your time specially in the beginning when you’re still establishing the site.

  • PROMOTE. After you got it all running good and safe, it is not the end of the line.  Being in business doesn’t mean a 9-5 job, specially if its your own.  Let the people know you’re out in the market. Promote, promote, promote!

So there’s your Fab Biz 101 on How to Start Your Online Fashion Shop!  Well, it does work with other types of business as well…  I hope this post have help you people out there who are thinking, rethinking, or planning to run your own online shop or business. Here’s another post that might help you: Looking For Wholesale Fashion Supplier-Dropshipper ? Goodluck to your business and career!

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