Spring Maxi Dresses for Your Spring Look 2009Sure it’s almost the end of Spring 2009, but we all know (I’m referring to fashionistas 😉 out there!) that Spring clothes are great until Summer.

So, still have another season for this, right?  These Spring Maxi Dresses for Your Spring Look 2009 are just really for this year as I keep tracking my favorite trend this year, TRIBAL.

Spring Maxi Dresses are great too, because it’s getting warmer and warmer, dresses are the most comfortable and best choice to look fabulous.  Try the Charlotte Russe’ Spring Look.  The collection are from them, get that look below $100 USD, shop smart.

The Look is Tribal Bohemian Inspired, simple and easy to wear, and guess what?  Easy to carry fabrics if you are planning a vacation trip anywhere in the world.

Not compromising your style while traveling, how cool is that?  It’s too bad I don’t have much light fabrics with me, so I am backpacking without it. 😛  Well, Milan is cold so I didn’t get to bring much chiffon fabric clothing when I went back home to the Philippines.

Well, since I started working in fashion industry I easily absorbed the basics of where and when to wear that fabrics and how…  Whew!  If I wasn’t corrected by my employer back in Milan why I am wearing corduroy cap during Summer Season, I wouldn’t become aware! lol

Who cares?Back home, you can just wear whatever you want! Hahaha! Don’t worry, I learned it all since then. 😀

Charlotte Russ Spring Dresses

(Get Charlotte Russe Collections HERE!)

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