soup, soups, soupies

Speaking of food, after talking about samosas and eating it with soups…well, yeah I did that too!!! It’s been soup in the morning, soup in the afternoon, ahmm, I wanted more soup at dinner but our favorite soup place’s night shop is under renovation (they have different soup place for morning and night but same owner). That’s why the story of samosa came out.

soup, soups, soupies

Originally, it’s soup addiction in Vientiane. Soup prices ranging from 5,000-8,000 Kips for small bowl and 10,000 Kips for big bowl, but nothing beats the 5,000 Kip Noodle Soup place! Price wise and taste wise, as well as the service. Photo above is my favorite soup place.

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One thought on “Soup, Soups, Soupies!!!

  1. You know just looking at that photo of the soup makes me very Hungry. I am very fond of the way Vietnamese soup is made.

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