(The crater lake of  volcano Mt.Pinatubo)

I know I keep on saying that I will start exploring Philippines when I’m back, and I’m not pulling your leg everything was just postponed because of the weather conditions and the conflict of my off days from work. Perhaps it wasn’t the right time then and things are starting to fall in the right place, typhoon season is over, off days is now on weekends which means weekend trips are possible now.  It is, as I’ve done Mt. Pinatubo this week.

Yes, I have been dreaming to get there months before and finally I got to do it all yesterday! It was really amazing! Wow, I’m really doing it now and it’s still fun as travelling Southeast Asia alone.  It is less touristy because it’s not summer yet(but I love that its not crowded).  Wait for the stories of this freakin’ experience soon!

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3 thoughts on “Solo Pinas Trip is On!

  1. I spent five days in Angeles City just so I would be near to the volcano and trips would be cheaper, but then the typhoons came and it was off-limits 🙁

  2. Yeah, I managed to see Taal volcano and Bohol at least! Glad the typhoons seem to be leaving you alone now…

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