Sole Sisters from Glampackers to Poorpackers

(Read their cool stories 2 who call themselves, Sole Sisters!)

I stumble upon a cool blog of two fashionistas whose main goal was to travel around Southeast Asia with style, probably thinking then ‘what the hell are these backpackers wearing?’ just like what I did.  Then embarking into the backpacking scene trying to prove something about looking good while travelling, I think that would only last for few weeks and that goes for everye who will attempt to do the same.

Lois and Chichi, the sole sisters who admitted how backpacking can really change you.  Now, they are self proclaimed Poorpackers from their previous claim, Glampackers.  It’s no joke, you get the real zest of life going around countries you are not even familiar with.  It changes not only your fashion taste, but you as a person will definitely change too.  The fear of losing your way, running out of money, talking to strangers…  All of them, suddenly out of the vocabulary to survive(oh its not that bad, I should say, to live by…).

Then a sudden change, turn, from being afraid to bold in looking for ways to make things happen.  You start using your common sense and you realize that you can just live with things on your back (backpack) as quoted by my good friend Nicko.  I’m so proud with these girls finding their way out of that egotistic world of glamour.  Believe me, it’s totally different world out there and its more fun than just wearing uncomfortable stilettos (it’s such a humbling experience).  You learn a lot from the experience and from people you meet (I learn something from these two as well), so why not make your learning more interesting? Move around, and let’s backpack around the world!


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  1. Thanks Lindsay! Your words make us sound too good 😉 We’re anxious to read more about your backpacking adventures. Happy travels and see you on the road!

    1. You guys are awesome! 🙂 My travel adventures are all written in my travel blog, you just happen to fit my fashion blog too so there you are! 🙂

  2. Lois & Chichi

    Thanks so much for writing this! We love being featured on your cool blog lyndsay!

    1. No problem! I love your blog eh, can’t resist not blogging about it… 🙂

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