Yeah, yeah…  I have not been updating my blog for 4 days now, because I’m so buggered travelling.  Yep, from Ho Chi Minh City, I travelled to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia hoping we could book a hotel to the nearby airport hotel.  Guess what?  I and Timon can’t because for some reason their website booking services doesn’t work in Vietnam!

Well, we were hoping we can just walk-in and try because they have 222 rooms.  We thought,”They will have vacant rooms easily!” but it turned out to be otherwise!  Frustrating it was, we head back to the airport and try to find good spot to sleep!  Yes, sleeping at the airport isn’t bad, but it is not fun at all! 😀  The flight to Gold Coast, Austraia is the next day morning so whether we like it or not…we have to deal with it!

Anyways, we made it here in Brisbane!  Thanks to Joy (Timon’s mom) picking us up from the airport and accomodating us that night.  Tired as we still in the state of JETLAG we still managed to meet up Timon’s sister Milly and her kids, Ena and Quillan.  It was 2 hour drive one way, so it was tiring but fun.  At night, his mom drop us off to his other sister’s place, Lucy.  Thanks to Lucy and her boyfriend, Mick for the stay. But guess what?  Australia is amazing! Quiet and peaceful!  A lot more quiet than Italy!  Unblievable and I’m loving it! Weeeeeeee!

I’ll be updating you with Australian fashion as soon as I learn more about their culture. No worries.

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