Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans on The Runway

As the Latest Trends this year having it from Skinny Jeans to Ripped Jeans, it shifted to something radical but still looks good, fashionistas will still go for it.  Why not? We’re all tired of having the same look over and over again.  Yeah, skinny jeans are the favorites of the chic stylist out there, but they too wouldn’t wear it over and over again with the same look.

Ripped Skinny Jeans

Don’t Throw it Away, Transform it!

Hell, no way!  So how about turning your skinnies to something in this year? Rip it, make it still look chic and trendy.  There are other ways to look hip and trendy, to help you get more ideas on how to wear your skinny jeans and other jeans.

Transforming your skinny jeans to ripped skinny jeans without being trashy looking is upto you.  Your personal taste in style and fashion will help you create what you want to create.  Now, you can hire a stylist or ask a friend who’s really fashionable to help you if you don’t have the means to hire one.  Get it from there, and work it yourself.  You’ll get how to do it right soon.

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