skimpy swimsuits

Growing up in a conservative world where swimsuits were taboo.  Most people are wearing T-shirts and shorts while swimming.  Too afraid to expose any skin, not for the reason of imperfect skin (in fact, most Asians have flawless skin) but due to the cultural upbringing we seem to very shy to wear swimsuits.

Time changes everything and conservative days are gone.  In the Philippines, women have learned to dress properly according to place and occasion.  Corporate attire in the office, casual at night outs, formal gowns at the gala, and swimsuits at the beach or swimming pool.

There you are people of the Philippines, now that tie has come for us not to be judged wearing swimsuits, everyone is getting ready for the best swimsuits they can ever wear every summer.  It’s getting skimpier every year.  Starting from one piece swimsuits, to tankini, to monokini, and then two piece!

Cool isn’t it,  it’s reigning skimpy swimsuits but that does not matter as long as they are showing off their best bod and skin!  Plus the fact that wearing it only at the beach and swimming areas and not shopping, ok? lol  Enjoy your summer!

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2 thoughts on “Skimpy Swimsuits Are Reigning

  1. The bathing suit that the woman is wearing in the picture is beautiful. Do you know where it is sold or where I can buy it?

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