(Food court meals: Congees)

Just to be fair, we women also look for prospects wherever we go.  Yes, it’s not just you guys who have eyes to look for stunning and gorgeous women everywhere you go but also us!  Just like what Jay said, it’s part of the things you want to see when you’re in a different place.  That actually opened my mind!

(Healthy Veggie Soup in the Food court menu)

Suddenly, I was like “Hmmmm, he’s got a point…” and here I was just traveling around so busy taking photos of the places and not bothering about some gorgeous people walking and running around (specially on the beach!).  From that moment on, I started noticing people and I began to alert myself for prospects since I’m single.  In Singapore, there are couple of good looking guys but they are quite a snob and I guess since I’m not interested in the same species (Asian men) I went eyeing for a better choice.  What is? FOOD!

(Korean in Singapore)

Well, Food in Singapore is way better to spend time with than men.  I do have Singaporean guy friends though, but they’re exempted, they are one of the coolest!  It’s just that they are a bit up tight or shy, either of the two reasons, they are just seem unapproachable (not even a smile).  Although, when you approach them they can be the nicest person you met that day. I love them that way, but I love their food better!

(Chicken Rice [roasted])

Wanton Mee, Chicken Rice, $3 USD food court meals, Nasi Lemaks, Spicy Fried Rice, Mushroom Pasta, Tofus, Bakkwa, Sushis, Sauteed Huge Mushrooms…  Geez, I’m drooling!  These are the food we used to eat that I miss from Singapore.  Can you blame me if I prefer the food?!


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2 thoughts on “Singaporean Guys or Food?

  1. We’re all the same species though. 50,000 years ago we were all Africans, and 90 million years ago we were lemurs. Go further back, and we look a lot like that Singaporean food.

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