I am just browsing my Facebook right now and saw a friend’s wall post about a video with the title “Sh*t Brides Say”, curious enough I watched the video and it was freakin’ funny! It’s true though, from the movies, girlfriends, acquaintances that somehow I get to crossed paths with before their wedding day have said at least one from what they have mentioned in the video.

I think it’s because of the excitement, the adrenaline rush of living like a princess for a day. I don’t know, I don’t get it (well, maybe because I haven’t been engaged), I don’t get all the extravagant preparations for a marriage. I always dreamed of getting married one day too, walking in the isle with a long white wedding dress staring at my prince waiting for me at the altar kind of crap! That’s what I get watching fairytales as a kid, but then growing up and going in and out of relationships (whether it be platonic or not), it does not have a happy ending like the fairytales suggest. I know there are happy endings but its not like a glorified ones like that of fairytale scene which most people think their wedding is the closest to that reality.

Oops sorry I’m rambling about wedding and marriage like I know something from it. What I’m saying is that, what matters most is what you feel and not what you make other want to feel seeing you in that expensive gown and eating your best catered food. It’s just another day for them, but for you two who will get married, that is a big change in your life.

Okay, so I will try to understand how excited brides can be when they got engaged. If I will be engaged with someone I love the most then I would be really happy, I wouldn’t care if how, when, or where we will get married (I’m not even sure what would I feel at that moment, there’s no guarantee yeah?) and I wanted a clothing will be tailored to fit me and me trying to fit into that clothing. See, that happens when they spend too much on something not worth spending at. Anyways, I just don’t get it that’s why I find this video hilarious.

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