Shoes for Short Women to Look Taller

(Skin Tone Shoes from Left: Steve Madden : Quickk – Taupe Suede- Sale on $45.49, Below Left: Report : Rocki Gladiator – Wheat- Sale on $59.49, Below Right: Baby Phat : Ashlyn – Camel/Gold- Sale on $67.89… .)

It is like a bad joke of the nature when you are born short, like me…lol.  Isn’t it annoying that being 5’2.5″ in height, people politely describe you as cute and petite? Yes, it is common to Asian people to be shorter but for some reason I am the only one(oh also my mom, I got it from her maybe!lol…obviously) in the family that is short.  Would you believe that my sister younger than me is 5’8 tall and my youngest brother 6’2″, my father is about 6’1″ as I remember.  So this is how lucky I am to won the height lottery in the family!Shoes for Short Women to Look Taller

Shoes for Short Women to Look TallerAnyways, enough about my self and my family’s height.  The objective of this post is that to share to those women out there that are in the same situation like mine, that there are ways to trick our height.  There are high heels that we all know really helped but featured here are the shoes for short women to look taller.

It is just like other fashion, color makes a big difference in shortening and elongating how you look.  Did you know that wearing skin tone colored shoes make you look taller? Well, now that you know you can try and do the trick.  It is all about illusion and tricking the human eyes and mind in thinking that you are taller, that is commonly used by the illusionists out there.  Now you can be the master of your height’s illusion! Enjoy the featured skin tone shoes from Jessica Simpson, Fergie, Report, etc…  Make your choice!

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