Shiny CROWNing Glory

crystal tiaras

Let your crowning glory shines with crystal tiaras.  Tiaras are popular on Wedding ceremonies, some are made of flowers and others with crystals.  Lately, I have noticed that wearing crystal tiaras on a casual outfit looks great!  Thanks to my friend Jen Nadal (see photo belowL-R; Jen & Pamela)who inspired everyone of us who saw her wearing her cute crystal tiara-like headband to wear and try them too. 🙂

crystal tiaras

It is attention seeker hairpiece, I know! but it looks awesome!  Plus, it makes the wearer feel like a princess when your wearing that sparkly crystal tiaras.  I always love seeing women wearing crystal tiaras with their hair pulled up, looking like a real princess while in their wedding gowns.

My point is, the crystals are great to be worn on casual occasions.  It always make a grand entrance, believe me!  Jen had a blast for a few minutes and then out thrown by her own crystals because every girls want to try it (lol..peace Jen!)…  Anyway, it also matches every outfit, whether casual attire or formal…try it on and you’ll see what I mean. 🙂

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