“Shake it to the left, shake it to the right, point to the east, and point to the west, shake it baby. Shake, shake, shake, shake it, shake it now!” 😀

Voila! I know you know the song… well, I will not teach you how to rock nor ask you to sing, but I will not stop you if you feel like it. We are here to always have fun, celebrate life! I suggest you take one of the cool drinks probably for the last time for people living with four seasons. I mean, countries with winter, spring, summer, and autumn season.

Good for me, I am in an almost endless summer place, Southeast Asia. Yeah, Tropical Weather! That only means Tropical fruits are around. Fruits are the best ones for shakes. Fruitshake, milkshake, whatever you want? I prefer fruit shake, what’s yours?

Shakes are cool while you are chillin’ in a hot humid day somewhere in a Tropically weathered place. You know what else is cool? chillin’ out with a cute guy together with your choice of fruit shake. By the way, the model in this picture is Timon Weller, Mango shake fan. Did I mention I love Watermelon Shake? Oh now, yeah.

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