Scottsdale Best Breakfast Places

I would love 2-3 cups of coffee in the morning and I’d eat brunch, like BIG brunch. I have my own reasons, but also it changed when I moved here. Every morning, my husband will cook me hearty breakfast that is hard to resist or we’ll be at our favorite Silver Star diner in New Canaan. I’d say they’re amazing not only that they serve big portions, they taste like mom is making your breakfast, otherwise Guy Fierri won’t feature them on his Triple D show!

Now, that we have moved in Arizona, we have accumulated our new routine by finding great reasonable restaurants and we have started with breakfast places around Old Town Scottsdale. I guess, living in the Southwest isn’t really a diner kind of place. They are however, big with cool, young, modern vibe of restaurants that serves breakfast. Here are the Old Town Scottsdale’s Breakfast Places I’ve tried and my reviews of what I’ve had and my favorite items to order off their menu:

  • Scrambles – I order the Brizzas (light pizza) and sometimes Panini. They both have different varieties that I order every visit paired with Green Tea. I love the vibe of the place, fast, not so busy and if they are, it’s not crazy.
  • Breakfast Club – I only order their BLT and Green Tea but my husband’s love the Breakfast Burrito. It looks great, big serving and he said it is really good. The vibe is young and very energetic, they get REALLY busy but their location is big that it doesn’t get so incredibly crowded.
  • Morning Squeeze – I love their food, especially the Lox & Bagels, but because their place is a little smaller even with an open air bar, even a not so noisy crowd sounds like one.
  • Daily Dose – We decided to check out the hype on this place, food is great but what truly is amazing other than the food are their staff. I’d give the the highest rate for customer service. Best I’ve had  I should say.
  • Over Easy – We found them through Triple D and visiting something that was featured on TV will have a lot of following after the air time. Like Morning Squeeze, their Scottsdale branch is small but they have more like a diner feel even without the diner interiors. Food is amazing! Simple but good.

Those were the breakfast places me and my husband have tried and tested. They all has their own character and we have our favorite item on every menu of these places. Indication of a good place is when you need more time to examine the menu because you can’t make up your mind what to get!

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