Scottsdale Asian Restaurants - 2019 Faves

Food has been a part of every traveler out there and sometimes we indulge looking for nicer restaurants or a delectable dish serving place. Some days we’re looking for an easy food pick-up or a fancy place where to celebrate. For all of you Scottsdale locals, for sure, you have your favorite restaurants as well. In this post, I will be talking about my Scottsdale Asian Favorite Restaurant for 2019 (I know I’ll find more this year!).

I’ll start from the best of the best and skip the countdown here. Our 2019 was only half spent in Scottsdale and the other half on the east coast, but we already found few of our Asian favorites, so far. Here you go…


Sumo Maya is a Mexican-Asian infused restaurant. How couldn’t it be the best food fusion, right? The mix of bold tastes and colorful dishes from both worlds. It’s an explosion of flavors that entertains your eyes and palate all at the same time.

The ‘Bottomless Brunch’ made it for me. It is basically unlimited appetizers, an order of Entree, and dessert for $32. If you wish you to add unlimited drinks* for $12, you can do so from their selected list. I’ve been back since my first dip and I love it so much, I’m recommending it to everyone I know and readers.


Sizzle can be my number one, easily! The only reason, it’s not is because of the smoky smell I have after the meal. I’m not complaining, it is part of the experience. Sizzle is a Korean BBQ restaurant that is all service. I mean, they cook your BBQ for you while you enjoy your side dishes.

All the meats we tried melts in your mouth and the flavor is really good. I have brisket as my favorite! But if it is your first time and does not know what you’d like, they have a set with a different type of meats. That’s how I figured out my favorite. I’m still waiting for our next visit! I’ll try the Ice Deserts next time. Tried Gainey Ranch location, we have our eye to the Old Town Scottsdale location next.


In the middle of where everything happens, Geisha a GoGo is in Old Town Scottsdale. Loved the ribs pictured and their Gyozas. I was invited here initially with friends in the blogging industry guys and it was so much fun! This is where I learned how to make sushi as part of the event.

If you’re coming in for food and drinks, they are amazing! Why is it one of my favorites aside from their food? KARAOKE, baby! Oh hell yes! They have open mics and private rooms for Karaoke. Can’t wait to go back with my friends, have some few drinks and get our nerves to disappear for loud karaoke night!


Koi Poke is a hip casual poke place that you can hang out for lunch or get a quick pick up food. Everything healthy from the freshest ingredients, seafood of your choice, and their teas are soooo good!

I was tempted to try the Mochi ice cream but the gelateria next door pulled us harder. We’ve been back many times for quick meals and pick-ups. The area is filled with hip and fancy restaurants. I won’t be surprised you’re now familiar with it or if not, you’ll surely be.


Jewel of the Crown is an Indian restaurant hidden in the Scottsdale Civic Center. My husband loves Indian cuisine and curries and so he was the culprit to find this jewel. It reminds me of the Brazilian churrasco without all the red and green signals for unlimited meats. Just hanging skewers of chicken, lamb, and something else that for sure isn’t pork. I love the presentation and the ambiance, as well as their coconut ice cream.


Persia is the ancient name of Iran, and yes, they are part of Asia. Middle-Eastern and yet sitting in the Western part of Asia, they still made it to my Asian favorites.

Although the cuisine is more leaning towards the Mediterranean (Med) flavors, the familiar spices of curries and rice remind you where these plates of cultures meet. The raisins on rice and the fetta cheese on their salads, as well as the nice and fancy ambiance, talk to you as you’re in The Med. There is so much food. Solo servings can feed more than 2 people, and they are kind enough to tell you ahead before you order.


I have to do better with my photo. As an Academic Manager/ESL Teacher who lived more than 3 years in Thailand, I have tried a lot of Thai dishes from different regions and they are all amazing! Fresh herbs, vegetables, meats, flavors all tossed and turning in their Wok over a big fire, make-shift Asian stoves. At least to me, that’s what comes to mind.

Moving in the US made it difficult to find authentic tasting Thai food despite the fact that they are prepared by real Thai cooks, due to the scarcity of authentic ingredients. Somehow, I gave up, until I called a pick-up through a food delivery app. Not expecting it, but I was surprised how awesome it tasted like. I even went to the extent of telling my husband how the tastes are way better than any Thai food I’ve ever had in Thailand!

Thai on Demand is a small food pick-up/delivery place that has a couple of small tables inside and 3-4 tables at the patio. It has become my staple food delivery go-to since then.


That’s it for my Scottsdale Asian Favorite Restaurants for 2019. As I said, it’s just the beginning. Coming back after being on the east coast for almost 2 years, I’ve already noticed a bunch of new restaurants to try soon. I’m going to keep you posted through my social media and will compile it for a post or two as soon as I can. Any suggestions about where to eat next? Comment below if you have more ideas and recommendations.

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