Safety Tips for Travelers

Young travelers can be seen anywhere, the population of backpackers are generally young, fearless, and sometimes out of hand.  I’ve seen a lot of accidents during my travels that I thought can be avoided if only they aren’t too reckless, you might say “That’s the point of that holiday, being young, wild, and free!”.  Sure it’s fun, but it won’t be when you fall sick from eating exotic food adventure, or ended up in the hospital for broken bones (those are lucky situations). Here are some safe travel tips that would help you be safe (or at least a reminder) for real young travelers and at heart.


When teenagers embark on a journey, many risks lie ahead of them. They may get lost before reaching their desired destination, they can run out of gas and cash in the middle of nowhere and others are involved in very serious road accidents.

Worse of all, young people can fall sick due to change of weather or even change of environment. Another problem that is often encountered by young people as they travel around is communication barrier. With no communication, it becomes extremely difficult to move around freely.

Some of these tragedies can be avoided if some of the following things are considered before travelling.


Money is very crucial when it comes to planning any travel adventure. All teenagers are advised to have enough cash to enable them fulfill all their desires. It is not advised to carry huge sums of cash while travelling because an incident like robbery would mean disaster.

It is good to ensure that one can access money via several reliable means. Before embarking on any journey, teenagers are encouraged to have access to an online bank or credit card that can be used anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity.

{Ensure you have knowledge and skills that can be another resource of travel income, this is something no one can steal.  Read my tips on How to Travel Cheap to help you figure… –Ed.}

safe tips for travelers with kids


A domestic cell phone carrier may be a good idea but when long distances are involved, it becomes difficult or impossible to communicate with friends and relatives. Fortunately in our modern days, there are lots of options that a teen can decide to keep in touch.

Some of the most common ways to keep in touch is through the internet. The internet allows teenagers to communicate through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Skype also offers video chats that are very important as teens can communicate with parents as though they are in the same room.

{Buy a local sim card, it’s way cheaper than using a roaming sim you have from your country. –Ed.}


When travelling to an unknown place, it is important to ensure that all persona effects are well looked after. Wallets should not be left hanging in the back pockets and the bags should not be left unattended to.

It is also not advisable to travel alone because some simple problems may require more than one person to solve them. Two people are also able to motivate each other when a crisis arises.

{If you’re travelling solo, bundle up with other cool travel friends you’ve met, just be vigilant and smart all the time. Keep safe. –Ed.}

safe travel tips for young travelers


It is good to know the basic things about the place that one intends to visit. Some of the things to consider is the language used, currency that the locals are using, mode of transport and the security of the place. These facts enable one to make special arrangements like looking for a translator, when and where to visit, where to lodge and where to look for help if need be


Recent research shows that many teenagers are arrested by law enforcers while they are away travelling. One of the greatest mistake that young people make is driving under the influence of alcohol. In most countries in the world, it is against the law to drink and drive. This can attract huge fines or deportation and this cuts short the planned journey.

Hence all teenagers are advised to adhere to the laws of the country they are in.

These are some of the things that all teenagers should keep in mind before embarking on any journey. They should also remember to carry their national identification cards or passports for ease of movement.

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