(Images courtesy of Leizel Avila)

Krabi Rocks!  That’s what ‘Team Canada’ and ‘Team Philippines‘ together with our friends from everywhere because of an unforgettable experience Krabi left all of us.  I say rocky because of the amazing formation of rocks everywhere in the island are stunning.  The stalactites and stalagmites from the caves and even out there going to Phra Nang Beach looks beautiful, my favorite of Railey Beaches.

Rock Climber’s Heaven

This is why it is also a popular place for rock climbers to climb and this was where me and Leizel’s first rock climb happened courtesy of Real Rock and 2 of the coolest team (next to Team Philippines, of course! :P)Team Canada, Nick and Doug.

The climbing was great, for some reason it became so personal to me when I was climbing.  I don’t know if the guys noticed that I was smiling non-stop while climbing, it taught me one important thing that I would always be thankful for and that is, NEVER QUIT.  When I was in the middle of climbing,  my muscles were trembling tired and even though I can just call out to the belayer (the person who holds the rope for the safety of the climber), “Tension!” so I can let go and rest,  there’s something that pushed me to do more and keep going.

(Phra Nang Beach and Happy Island[right] at the background)

I did not feel the physical drain that day yet, in fact, after lunch we all head to trek this beautiful cave that ends up with an awesome view of Pra Nang Beach and Happy Island which was also a mission to do.  I appreciate Nick and Doug’s patience for showing me and Leizel around the island, they’re awesome!  One of the best things ever happened to us in Krabi too is that we met these people.  Who would have thought I’ll meet Leizel in the streets in Saigon? Even meet her again in Bangkok?  Or met these guys eating sticky rice and chicken?  First time on different things happens during their presence, so Krabi really rocks that way!


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